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Beach Fench

DBT Skills Group

Learn the skills that will change your life's pathway

Next Session:
July 14, 2022 
5:30pm - 7pm
Jupiter Office
**Limited Space, Don't  Wait

Presented by
Sharron Frederick, LCSW, Clinical Psychotherapist.

Sharron has been teaching this classroom format, skills group for over 2 years.  She wants to help people navigate the challenges of daily life and loves DBT as a way of helping teach the skills we didn't all learn in school.  It's never too late to improve ourselves.

Beach Fench

DBT Skills Group

Learn the skills that will change your life's pathway

Next Session
9/6/23 3:00 pm
In Person 
**Limited Space, Don't  Wait.

4 Life-changing skills you will learn
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I already have a therapist?

Perfect! We want you to get individual sessions in conjunction with these groups.  It helps it become even more personalized based on your specific needs.  We encourage you to ask your therapist if they think this would be helpful for you!

  • How much is the course?

The cost of the course when paid in full prior to sessions starting is $715.00. The second option is to pay in two equal installments of $390.00 per payment.  

  • Can I use my insurance for this?

Well, sort of, we don't process insurance claims through the office, but we do offer a fancy receipt for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement for qualifying plans.  Check with your insurance carrier first if you expect to get reimbursed. 

  • Are the other people in the group like me?

It's hard to tell, but if you want to be around other people who are inspired to grow, than YES!  Since this group is more skills based, having a diverse group only adds to the fun of learning different perspectives.  This is a safe environment for anyone.

  • What to expect from this Group?

This isn't a processing group, it is a skills group.  So, you can share as little or as much as you'd like with no pressure!  For 13 weeks we will go though concrete skills and ideas about how to improve ourselves that you can take into your daily life. Each week builds on the week prior, so attendance is important.

  • Is the fee refundable?

Unfortunately no, we are using a small group model, so we can give quality information and create a safe environment for participants.  Even though this isn't a processing group, consistency is still a powerful aspect of creating a comfortable environment for sharing. Also, this rule helps with accountability, making following through easier for those of us who struggle with consistency. 

  • Who should I contact if I have further questions or assistance?

Call our office at 561-781-3333 or email us at Support hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm Eastern Time.

Course Description

13 Weeks


This therapist led group helps guide you through the struggles that daily life throws at us.  The 13 week model gives an opportunity to do real-time problem solving week to week, under the support from skilled professional.

Clients often leave therapy and ask themselves, "what did we talk about, again?"  Having a workbook helps to retain the information and makes it available to revisit whenever you need it.


Learning out of a book can get dull, so we provide interaction and real-life examples to help apply the tools.  The more the information applies to you, the easier it is to continue with the skills. We use videos, exercises, discussions and laughter to drive the points home.



"I learned to slow down my thoughts enough to be responsive instead of reactive. I feel like I am not doing damage control all the time, instead, I am handling things right as they come up."  - MD

I want to join the 13 Week workshop, Sign me up!

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