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Medication Management

Medication can help reduce symptoms enough to be able to handle things that may feel unmanageable. At times, medication is an important part of the process for healing. We have compassionate professionals to help determine if medication is right for you.

Medication Management in Geriatrics

As we get older, our lives change. We may find ourselves with a new set of challenges, mentally, physically and socially. Our prescriber wants to help to manage these changes. We collaborate with your other doctors to provide the most comprehensive treatment.  We also want to keep your daily medication to a minimum.

Medication Management in Addiction

Addiction is a Beast! We are respectful of the complicated nature of addiction and we do our best to help people to transition out of the abuse or dependency of addictive substances.

NOTE: We are NOT a detox center or inpatient program, if you are actively abusing your medication or illicit drug, then we can direct you to a local treatment program.

Telehealth/Online Therapy

Whether you are a snowbird, college student or travel often, we can prevent a disruption in your care by offering video sessions for therapy or medication. The quality of care doesn’t change, only the convenience changes.

REQUIREMENTS: All you need is to be a Florida resident. Controlled substances will NOT be provided via video sessions.

  • Being on medication can be temporary, just to help you through a difficult period.

  • Medication is a delicate science, it takes time to find the perfect medication for you.

  • We work to minimize the chance of side effects, so you aren’t replacing one problem for another.

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