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Meet Our Clinicians


Clinical Psychotherapist, EMDR Certified

Jenn is a clincial psychotherapist who is seen as an expert in her field. She is often interviewed by various news stations for her perspective on challenging mental health topics. She loves working with many types of adult needs, but her specialization is in trauma.

She is extremely devoted to helping people understand themselves and learn from the past.  She believes in finding wisdom in past struggles and will give you all the tools to help you grow in the future.

Psychiatrist - Board Certified

Dr. Binns-Brown is a Board Certified Psychiatrist for Adults and Older Adults. She graduated with honors and has proven herself to be loved by her clients. 

Dr. Brown has an unwavering desire to help people achieve their goals. She is kind and non-judgmental, which leaves her client’s feeling heard.

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Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Accelerated Resolution Therapy Trained

Dr. Christine has a PhD in nursing and is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. She is passionate about helping people through struggles and integrates both therapy and medication management into her sessions.

Christine genuinely cares about helping people feel better. She takes the time to explain medications and answer your questions, but isn't pushy with meds.

Clinical Psychotherapist

Emily is a Licensed Psychotherapist, as well as, a Masters Level Certified Addiction Professional. She specializes in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families.

She uses play and her approachable attitude to guide children and teens to process big emotions and helps parents to understand those defining moments. 


Clinical Psychotherapist, EDMR Certified, Trained Life Coach, DBT Specialist

Sharron is a seasoned clinical psychotherapist who believes in people’s abilities to grow. She utilizes an eclectic skill set to provide individualized treatment for each of her client. She specializes in teens and older with anxiety, depression and trauma.  She is trained in DBT, CBT, Professional Life Coach and EMDR. She craves knowledge.

Her lively and accepting personality will leave you feeling safe. She isn't afraid to make therapy fun, but also will keep supporting her client's to improve themselves.

Clinical Psychotherapist, EMDR Trained

Allyson is a seasoned clinician who works with adults with trauma, anxiety, depression and other barriers to progress. She blends her laid back style with her understanding of how to inspire change to help everyone she works with.   

Allyson is the perfect blend between the easy, breezy confidant and professional. She combines CBT, DBT, MI and TF-CBT with some TLC.  She makes you feel like you can tell her anything, but is able to offer usable solutions.


Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach &

Trained Hypnotherapist

Glexi is a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach who loves to work with women that are struggling to feel comfortable in their body. She considers all facets of health including Nutrition, emotions, mindset, habits, stress or loneliness.

She has a passion for women's empowerment and she is always offering little tips to the team on how to naturally heal a headache, mood changes and any other ailment. She is the heart of the office.

Chantal is a recent graduate from FAU with a Bachelors in Psychology and is on the verge of starting her Masters in Clinical Social Work, so she can be one of us!


She is our social media guru, so please follow us. She also has a gift of calming those around her and has a desire to help people get help when they ask for it.  We can always depend on a welcoming smile for everyone she meets. 

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Professional Joy Sharer 

Essie is a little furball of joy!  She can't help herself but to greet you with an enthusiastic full body wag and won't stop until she has been able to make you smile.  She is about 4 years old and just shy of 6 lbs, she's very down to earth and dedicated to Clarity's mission to spread positivity.  


Essie is very in-tune with others, she can tell if you are upset and will often come to try to cheer you up.  She also is our office greeter, don't be surprised if she wags so much that she slips on the floor. 

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