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Counseling & Psychiatry Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is great for people who want to take a deep dive into healing and learning.

Medication Management

Medication can sometimes lift us out of a dark place, when nothing else seems to work.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers additional support in a safe & judgment free environment. Share stories with people who get it.

Relapse Prevention/ Dual Diagnosis

Substance abuse is often linked with other mental health problems, both barriers need to be addressed.

Support Groups

Grieving is a complicated process with overwhelming emotions. We want to help you navigate this pain.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Communicating important topics early in a relationship is a healthy way to walk into a new marriage.

Couple's Counseling

Couple’s counseling can help bridge gaps in your relationship and offer a more meaningful connection.

DBT Skills Group

DBT Skills Training groups are for clients who would like to cope more effectively with intense emotions, addictive behaviors, and/or relationship struggles. DBT Skills are taught to reduce self-destructive behaviors and learn more adaptive ways to manage painful emotions.

Parenting children into healthy adults is a complicated task. Play therapy can help your little one. Teens sometimes have difficulties with expressing themselves verbally. We have that unbiased ear to help them with making healthy decisions and learn coping skills.

Child & Adolescent Therapy


The reason we use the term Hypnotherapy instead of Hypnosis is because of the misconception around Stage Hypnosis where the Hypnotist controls the person and makes them do things they don't remember. Hypnotherapy is to treat any type of condition, or disorder, and/or target specific goals.

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