3 Self-Care Routines To Improve a Bad Mental Health Day

3 Self-Care Routines To Improve a Bad Mental Health Day

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Mental health is not always a top priority for many individuals, which can increase the risk of suffering from stress and sadness. For those who have had a hard day, their mental health can begin to suffer drastically due to the circumstances. If you want to improve your level of self-care on bad mental health days, then here are a few essential activities to try. 

Light Exercise 

According to Muscle Prodigy, performing light exercise is an excellent way of improving your mood due to serotonin that’s naturally released in the body while performing physical activity. Exercising can also reduce immune system chemicals that contribute to sadness as well as make it easier to improve your sleep patterns. Light exercises that can be performed include aerobic exercises, brisk walking, cycling, and strength training. 

A Hot Bath 

One of the best ways to unwind and clear your mind is to take a hot bath in the comfort of your home. The warm water can allow your body to release tension and for the muscles to relax. Try lighting a few candles and add a few drops of essential oil for scent. doTERRA points out that essential oils are also multipurpose, so when you use them for aromatherapy, they might also have other uses in the home. 

Playing music on a low setting will also set the mood of the room while taking a bath. Try to envision green meadows or the ocean as you relax, which will improve your mental state and will work as a form of meditation. 

Spend Time with Friends 

Although it can be easy to retreat and want to spend time alone when you’re struggling with your thoughts and emotions, it is better to avoid isolating yourself on challenging days. According to GoodTherapy, make it a point to get out and spend time with friends in a fun setting that allows you to get your mind off of the negative parts of your life. Consider dining out at a good restaurant or going dancing to feel stimulated and incorporate a positive activity into your day.

Although it can be hard to feel uplifted after a mentally challenging day, it is necessary to perform a few self-care activities that lift your mood and shift your focus. You can clear your mind and see the bigger picture, which will ensure that you start fresh and feel much more recharged the next day. 

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