3 Ways to Deal When Life is Stressing You Out

3 Ways to Deal When Life is Stressing You Out

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Life is stressful for everyone in different ways. Some people are stressed by final exams, some by work pressures, and some by the enormously long to-do lists they have every day. Whether a stay-at-home mom, a neurosurgeon, a CEO, or someone who works from home, everyone feels stressed at some point. It’s not about eliminating the stress because that’s all but impossible. It’s about learning how to deal with those life stressors. Here are three great ways to improve the way you deal with stress.


Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with having so much on your plate or there is a specific problem weighing you down, talking about it may help. When you speak with someone who is removed from your situation, that counselor may be able to ask questions, so you see that situation in a different light or so you can point out things you may not have realized. In fact, just voicing the problems can help you see your issues from a different perspective. Life counselors are experts when it comes to the art of talk therapy.


Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to ground yourself mentally and to become more mindful of your inner thoughts and outer situations. A common component of yoga practice is aromatherapy. doTERRA talks about how yoga and aromatherapy relax you, calm your mind and body, and prepare you for meditation. In addition to the mental clarity that yoga offers through meditation, some types of yoga can help you feel calmer physically. You can learn the basics of yoga from online videos, apps, or even a local yoga class.

Essential Oils

While the physical and mental benefits of essential oils are still being thoroughly researched, naturopaths, yogis, and even casual users of essential oils are already seeing the benefits through personal experience. For example, peppermint oil can offer an energizing boost and ease head tension, while, according to Loving Essential Oils, lavender oil can calm and relax your mind, and lemongrass essential oil can give you emotional and physical boosts. Whether diffused into the air, added to a hot bath, or used to give a massage, essential oils can help you feel better in many ways, so the stress you face just isn’t as stressful.

If you choose to talk about the stressors in your life, choose someone objective. Try a yoga class, or meet up with a friend who already practices relaxation techniques. Bring essential oils into your home, or even car, to help give you energy or relax you. Whether you try one of these or all three, your stress doesn’t need to control your life.