Attitudes to Get You Through Tough Times

Attitudes to Get You Through Tough Times

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Everyone wishes life was nothing but one wonderful day after the other. Unfortunately, this is not and can never be the case. Life comes with its tragedies and difficulties. How you react to the tough times determines whether the negative impact becomes overwhelming and insurmountable. Even in the worst of time, you benefit from taking the right attitude towards dealing with difficulties. Four perspectives, in particular, could help you deal with these feelings.

I Can Do This

The minute you stop believing you can handle a bad situation, you defeat yourself. Worse, you may heighten feelings of depression. Any person who doesn’t think he or she is capable of overcoming adversity will wallow in self-defeat. Embrace a self-affirming attitude instead. Say to yourself, “I have what it takes to deal with the situation.” Changing your mental attitude won’t alter the situation, but doing so puts you in the right frame of mind.

I Am Valuable

Making a self-affirmation starts with talking to yourself. Do this out loud if it helps. The key here is you must remind yourself of all your positive traits. Focus on the uplifting. Speak about the things you can do. Avoid the mistake of thinking about your negatives and embracing self-blame. Don’t bully or shame yourself into making a change. Again, stress the positives.

And it is worth repeating that you need to talk to yourself about these things. Avoid listening to the chatter in your head. Mental noise may embrace blame, guilt, and other negative emotions. Why listen to your self-doubts?

This Isn’t Forever

As bad as things are right now, a lot will change in the future. Granted, you must do your part to make sure things improve. Embrace corrections or adjustments to set a course for a better tomorrow. The present situation may be awful to deal with, but the days on the calendar move forward. Eventually, the dark cloud will pass. Try to look forward to the brighter days ahead instead of wallowing in present-day difficulties.

It’s Time to Move Forward

If there were one positive “benefit” associated with bad times, it would be that you gain experience with adversity. Life will continue to throw some bad times at you. Next time, you can take what you learned and apply your knowledge. Hopefully, this allows you to overcome your troubles.

Welcoming bad times isn’t possible. You won’t like going through difficulties, but you can take the right attitude to your struggles. The attitude won’t change the situation, but it could change your perceptions for the better.

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