Can Depression Speed Up the Aging Process?

Can Depression Speed Up the Aging Process?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

A recent longitudinal study in the UK indicated that depression can speed up the cognitive aging process. Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko, LCSW stated, “Separately, both depression and age can interrupt our decision making, concentration and memory. With the prevalence of depression among older clients , it becomes a chicken or egg question for me. Did the depression contribute to aging or the aging to the depression?”. Either way Clarity Health Solutions is working to build resources to combat both and to encourage happiness in every stage of life.

Clarity Health Solutions has recognized a void in the community for older adults. They noticed that retirees crave intellectual and social stimulation, but can’t find a non-threatening place for this outlet. Older adults are dealing with stress that is different than earlier life stages. So, Clarity has developed supports specific to those who are retired or semi-retired. The resources include, Mailyn Paredes, MSW who provides individual therapy and has a strong background in working with both aging populations and the caregivers who support them. Dr. Karen Severson, MD who is an Adult Medicine Psychiatrist with a specialization in Geriatrics and Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko, LCSW runs a group therapy she calls, “Retirement Isn’t as Easy as it Looks“.

Group therapy is and effective and affordable way of getting connected to others, being heard, overcoming loneliness, getting support and having something to look forward to. Hoskins-Tomko says, “I wish more people would give group therapy a try, it is an experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. Groups are so powerful”.

Who: The type of person who is appropriate for this group is over 50 years old (yes, this is young but, we ARE in South Florida), open-minded, kind and wants to connect with other people.

What: Discuss topics such as anxiety, depression, family dynamics, relationships and societal stressors. NO POLITICS. The facilitator brings in a topic that is relevant to the needs of the group. The group is a mixture of psycho-educational information, processing feelings and laughter. You will always feel welcome.

When: Every Thursday at 1pm – 2:15pm

Cost is $40 per week.

Where: Clarity Health Solutions in Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter Medical Center’s Outpatient Surgery Center

2055 Military Trail, Suite 306

Jupiter, FL 33458

This is one of our fantastic groups that have been ongoing for 2 years now and we currently have some openings for additional participants. Other groups we have are “You’re Not the Only One” a women’s only group and “Getting and Staying Sober” a co-ed relapse prevention group. We are taking reservations for additional groups to get started for Caregivers, Men Only and Teen Girls. If interested, please contact Clarity Health Solutions at (561) 781-3333.