Competitive Person Vs Inspired Person.

Competitive Person Vs Inspired Person.

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Our society values competitiveness, and the people who personify this trait tend to be objectified as successful. The word competitive is also connected to some very negative connotations. It is related to hostility and aggression and some think that competitive people are sore losers and are unable to be happy if they don’t win at everything- even life. Why does it seem like competitive people are afraid of other people’s success?

Imagine you have a friend who is super competitive. They always want to try new things, or they work really hard to achieve their goals. This friend of yours may be trying something that you may even want to try after you watch them do it. That friend of course will lose their mind because now they have to try even harder to be better. What that friend couldn’t possibly understand is that in reality they have inspired you to do something different. To a competitive person, you would be seen as a threat. To an inspired person, your same actions would be viewed as growth.

Inspired people try new things for different reasons when compared to competitive people. It’s not about trying to out-do the other. It’s all about trying to better yourself. Competitive people can never be happy when a friend or peer joins in whatever activity they are doing, but why? It should go without saying that supporting your friends should be a priority for you.

Inspired people don’t care about the outcome of whatever task is at hand. They try their best and know they did whatever they could. A competitive person will sulk and groan if the outcome isn’t what they wanted.

Our society should value inspired people over competitive ones. Inspired people are doing things for the right reasons and will even support someone on the same path as themselves.



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