LOOK, I SHRUNK GRANDMA! Review by Nicole Amenheuser Sunbury Press Books

LOOK, I SHRUNK GRANDMA! Review by Nicole Amenheuser Sunbury Press Books

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Our colleague and friend, Karen Severson, a few months ago decided to tell the experiences that has had throughout her career, She wrote a book! And Nicole Amenheuser from Sunbury Press Books read this book and sent us this:

Karen Severson, M.D., gives us invaluable insight into dementia with her psychology background as well as her desire to care for families.

This book intertwines mental health, nursing homes, and family coping to provide support and understanding of dementia care. She appropriately uses humor, so the novel is not emotionally taunting. She also provides stories of her own personal life and experiences to relate to her readers.

Severson cares tremendously about her patients and the families, as everyone suffers. Her book finally creates a conversation about grandparents, dementia, how to help, and how to cope.

Book overview:

Karen Severson, M.D., has spent the last twenty years as a Geriatric Psychiatrist wandering the halls of those dreaded destinations called nursing homes. She became mentally exhausted from watching people with Alzheimer’s disease decline and suffer. She wrote about the unnecessary suffering caused by doctors, nurses, and families who are on totally different pages regarding end-of-life issues. She made doctors tend to avoid these conversations and families can remain in extended denial of dementia.

This book is intended to help families understand dementia and its associated behaviors in a down to earth manner. Dr. Severson uses a great deal of humor as not to scare people from the subject. She also discusses several other important issues, but mainly how we can better allow families to learn to let go of those with end-stage illness. Dr. Severson hopes to prevent unnecessary and dangerous medical interventions as well as to allow more geriatric patients to die in peace.

Book review:

“I know, I know, a 5 star rating looks fake. I can assure you I really recommend this book. I wish it had been available to me when I was the primary caregiver for my mother. It’s like Karen Severson has read my mind or diary, she touches on so many of the concerns and questions I encountered during my tenure. She writes from years of clinical and professional experience, but it’s conversational rather than lecture. I could see this book as a reference right alongside The 36-Hour Day. If your Alzheimer’s Organization has a book discussion group, or a reading list, I would definitely include Look, I shrank Grandma as a selection. This reference is practical, relatable, hopeful and empowering. I will definitely advocate for this book as I appreciate the care and clarity with which it is delivered. I think that what I appreciated most was that she didn’t sugarcoat the expectations and the progression of the disease. Her section on end-of-life decisions is sooooo necessary to so many families.”

~ Janet, five-star customer review on Amazon

About the author:

Karen Severson, M.D., is a geriatric psychiatrist with a passion for the elderly. After spending 20 years in nursing homes, she felt the need to write about what she saw in hopes of helping others. Severson used humor to survive the experience and felt her book needed to include that same humor as well. If she did not learn to laugh, then she would have cried. Severson tries to create a conversation between caregivers and nursing home staff; the goal is to improve dementia care for everyone. This book is the catalyst to start this overdue conversation between both sides.

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