Neuroplasticity Therapy: Your Brain Rewired

Neuroplasticity Therapy: Your Brain Rewired

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Neuroplasticity is a topic that I find fascinating.  When I meet with clients who are feeling hopeless or frustrated with the path they are on, I always educate them about neuroplasticity therapy.  It offers hope in a way that is easy to conceptualize for clients.  It is concrete and backed by science.
The basic premise is that your thoughts, behaviors, emotions and environment continues to impact the pathways in the brain.  If we are intentional about what we focus on, we can literally alter the structure of the brain.  This is incredible! This leaves us with recognizing that we have a choice in how we process events and feelings.  We can nurture our brains to be positive, productive and happy or we can strengthen negative beliefs.

So, how long does the change take?  That’s the best part! With practicing mindfulness and intention, it may only take 6-10 weeks.  So, an average of 8 weeks to permanently create a new way of thinking.  To learn more check out this link http://bit.ly/2v1UHHH .

Some ways to accomplish this are meditation, diet, exercise, positive thinking, etc.  Check out this article for more. http://bit.ly/2uFI9mM



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