Updated: Apr 28, 2022

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Merging Ideas: Psychotherapy in the Workplace

As a Psychotherapist, I regularly see how people have internal barriers to their own progress.  People are often driven by previous belief systems from both the Family of Origin or by a collection of events that make them question themselves.

Some of those negative thoughts that creep in may be things such as:


“I am not good enough”

“I have no control of my life”

“I can’t do this”

“I am a failure”

“If people REALLY knew me, they wouldn’t like me”

“No one likes me”

“I am powerless”

Everyone has these (or similar) thoughts periodically.  Even if we have rectified these negative beliefs over time, they will creep up when you are stressed, hungry, tired or feel defeated.

I consider it my duty to improve my client’s thought process by ironing out those negative core beliefs that inhibit growth and suppress their inherent passion for progress.  It is my JOB to help people recognize the strengths within them to move toward the highest version of themselves (whatever that is).  I take this job very seriously.  I have a mission to help empower people to see the best in themselves and to allow them to let it shine through.  I utilize several techniques I have specific training in as a way of assisting in this process.


Most people have barriers that accompany them into the workplace.  It is my goal to assist people in overcoming these barriers and allowing people to continue to achieve the success that may have been out of reach.

I work with individual and groups to foster cohesion among a group dynamic.  Leadership, healthy communication and growth mindset are the fundamental requirements for a healthy environment.  I offer skills that can be used within and outside the workplace to allow people to focus on themselves in a new way.

With this new mindset, it leads to employee retention, healthy dynamics within a group, minimal office drama and improvements in productivity.  It only takes small shifts in thinking and behaving to have an impressive change in morale.



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