Why Communication is Key to a Long and Healthy Life

Why Communication is Key to a Long and Healthy Life

It is important to learn how to communicate well in life. It not only helps you socially, but it can save your life. Communication is key for ensuring your health and happiness throughout your life, so make sure you follow these tips for communicating effectively.

Speak to Professionals

It’s essential to be completely honest with health professionals when you go in for an appointment. Communicating your symptoms effectively can help them offer a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment. Holding back information leads to problems since your health care professional won’t be working with all of the information they need. If you are going in for surgery, it’s extremely important to communicate clearly. In order to make sure you stay healthy and that your concerns are addressed, talk to your doctor before surgery about questions you may have. Be sure to tell them every medication you are on and whether there is anything they need to know about how you have handled surgical recovery in the past. This information can make a big difference in a successful outcome.

Family Members

Your family needs to know enough about your medical situation to offer assistance if you are unable to provide information yourself. Tell them what medication you’re taking, what you are allergic to and what they should do in case of certain medical emergencies. This information can be life-saving. Make sure family members also feel free to go to each other with questions about family medical history. Communicating about the illnesses and issues that run through the family is essential, especially as you age. Knowing your family risks will help you decide which tests or scans to receive and when you should have them.

Also, don’t hide medical problems from your family. If you don’t feel well, let someone know. They can help you navigate the situation and assist you with medical appointments if necessary. This will also clue them in to check on you every once in a while in case something happens.


A great way to combat mental and physical ailments is to communicate with friends regularly. Loneliness is dangerous for your health, and isolating yourself from the world has a ton of negative consequences.

Close friendships can boost your immune system and help you deal with the inevitable troubles that strike in life. You’re more likely to be happier and less likely to be overly stressed, meaning you will be less likely to suffer from stress-related mental and physical health disorders. Communicate with your friends frequently, and make sure your communication goes beyond social media or text messages. Grab lunch together or share a phone call and talk about what is truly important in your life. Share your successes and your struggles and benefit from the well-being that comes when you know you have a place where you belong.

Communication can be uncomfortable, but it is the key to a long and healthy life. Learn to open up about your needs and desires, and don’t feel like you are burdening people with your words. It’s essential to be honest and open with those in your life.



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